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A lab-on-a-chip (LOC) is integration device with several laboratory functions

How a Dedicated Mass General Team Became the First to Discover Circulating Brain Tumor Cells in the Blood

Mass General researchers Shannon Stott and Brian Nahed have been working together for 10 years, and used their different backgrounds to their advantage to be the first to identify circulating brain tumor cells in the blood.

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New Study Shows Lymph Nodes Aren’t Always to Blame for Cancer’s Progression

In a case of mistaken identity, researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have found that lymph nodes are not always responsible for cancer’s deadly spread to other organs. These results buck many preconceived notions about lymph nodes’ role in cancer development and suggest a new pattern for the progression of certain types of cancer. Doctors recognize […]

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After Early Roadblocks, Mass. General Researcher to be Recognized

Congratulations to distinguished Massachusetts General Hospital researcher (and longtime movie buff) Rakesh Jain, PhD, for being named a winner of the National Medal of Science. Dr. Jain, who studies tumor biology, will receive his award from President Obama later this year. “The only way I kept going was realizing in any field—really, in any human […]

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