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Final Thoughts from our Research Institute Summer Interns

As communications interns, Alyssa and Milo spent most of their time at the Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute creating social media posts and writing articles on the research being conducted throughout the hospital. 


The Science Behind The Perception Of Beauty

When it comes to who you find attractive, a new Mass General research study suggests that environment and experience may have more influence than your genetic makeup. The online study, led by Laura Germine, PhD, used sets of twins to estimate the relative contributions of genetic and environmental variation when judging attractiveness of a series ...


Wakefield Researcher ‘Seals’ the deal in Antarctica

Massachusetts General Hospital researcher Emmanual Buys, PhD, is part of a collaborative research team that has been working in Antarctica to study the Weddell seal, a mammal that can remain under water for longer than 70 minutes at a depth of 500 meters. Buys and his team are taking tissue samples from seals to learn ...


The Two Brains at the Forefront of the Fight Against Alzheimer’s

Great article featuring Mass General researchers Rudolph Tanzi, PhD, and Doo Yeon Kim, PhD. “Tanzi and Kim have devised a revolutionary tool for tackling Alzheimer’s disease, the world’s leading cause of senile dementia and a medical crisis that looms ever larger as the teeming throngs of baby boomers lurch into old age.” Research at Massachusetts ...


The Many Colors of Research At Mass General

Colorful light is used to highlight images of microfluidic devices from the Center for Engineering in Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital:


Mass General Researchers Find Evidence of Neuroinflammation in Cases of Chronic Pain

A Mass General research study published earlier this year found—for the first time—evidence of neuroinflammation in the brain in patients with chronic pain. The study showed that levels of an inflammation- linked protein were elevated in regions of the brain known to be involved in the transmission of pain. The discovery could make it possible to explore new treatments ...


Mass General Researchers to Join a Nationwide Network Investigating Treatments for Food Allergies

(Text from the Boston Business Journal – Full Article Here) A Virginia-based nonprofit focused on food allergy research is bringing Boston Children’s Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital together with a number of medical centers throughout the country to progress development of food allergy treatments. The main hope behind the network, put together by the Food ...


Work in Research at Mass General

Did you know that Mass General is home to the largest hospital-based research program in the United States? Each week, the Mass General Research Institute generates a PDF file with active links to the latest job openings in research. This week’s list has more than 160 positions, from full to part time, from clinical research coordinators to research administrators. ...


Mass General Researcher Recounts Trip To Bhutan to Test Smartphone-Based EEG

(Editor’s note: This post was written by Sarah Clark, a project manager at Massachusetts General Hospital working with the Global Neurology Research Group led by Farrah Mateen, MD, PhD. Clark is pictured below at left, Mateen at right.) “I recently had the amazing opportunity to travel to Bhutan to work with epilepsy patients for a clinical ...

Work in Research at Massachusetts General Hospital

Did you know that each week, the Mass General Research Institute posts a downloadable, hyperlinked PDF listing of all open research jobs? Our latest list, updated this morning, includes more than 180 open positions. View all research job openings