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Regulating Microglia’s Three Roles May Be the Key to Managing Inflammation in the Brain

Experts have long thought of microglia as the immune cells of the brain because they support and defend cells within the central nervous system. To help describe their various functions, scientists have classified microglia into three different roles: sentinels, warriors and nurturers. But what happens to the brain when these microglia aren’t doing their job […]

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Abstinence Makes the Memory Grow Stronger: New Research Shows Memory Function in Adolescents Improves After 30 Days of Cannabis Abstinence

With the first recreational cannabis shops set to opening Massachusetts within the next few weeks, many are worried about the long-term effects of regular marijuana use. Parents of teens and adolescents may have cause for extra concern, as previous research studies have shown that regular cannabis use can impair brain functions important for memory and […]

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Studying the Connection Between Sleep and Anxiety

Edward F. Pace-Schott, PhD, is an investigator in the Sleep and Anxiety Disorders Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital. He studies the relationship between sleep and anxiety using sleep recordings, brain imaging and physiological measurements. Dr. Pace-Schott recently presented at SLEEP 2018, the annual scientific and clinical meeting for sleep medicine physicians, and sleep and circadian […]

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Inside The Race for a Celiac Disease Treatment –  For a majority of those with celiac disease for whom adhering to a gluten-free diet is not enough, there is good news: the scientific community is aware of this issue and help is coming. The question is how soon. (featuring research by Mass General investigator Alessio Fasano, MD) When Doctors […]

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A Snapshot of Science: Detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, Development of Type 1 Diabetes, and Much More

We wanted to share some recent Mass General research that has been published in high impact, top-tier journals. This is just a small snapshot of the incredible research that takes place at Mass General each day — there’s lots more to find at massgeneral.org/research/news!   DETECTING AND TREATING STIFF TUMORS Published in Nature Scientific Reports on […]

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Study Suggests How “Super Aging” Older Adults Retain Youthful Memory Abilities

Some loss of memory is often considered an inevitable part of aging, but new research reveals how some people appear to escape that fate. A study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators examines a remarkable group of older adults whose memory performance is equivalent to that of younger individuals and finds that certain key areas of their brains resemble those […]

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