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Snapshot of Science made in Canva 2

A Snapshot of Science at Mass General: A New Approach to Targeted Cancer Treatments, Identifying Genes that Help Protect the Gut and Much More!

We wanted to share some recent Massachusetts General Hospital research that has been published in high impact, top-tier journals. This is just a small snapshot of the incredible research that takes place at Mass General each day — there’s lots more to find on the Mass General website! Cognitive Decline, Tau and β-Amyloid in Healthy Older Adults […]

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Mass General Researchers Investigate the ‘Big Eaters’ of the Immune System: #MacrophageMonday

Macrophages serve a vital function in the body’s immune system— these white blood cells are in charge of engulfing pathogens, foreign materials and dead cells. Two new studies from Massachusetts General Hospital researchers have identified two unexpected roles that macrophages play in the body. In the heart, macrophages play a beneficial role, helping heart muscle […]

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Immunotherapy Effort Advances on Multiple Fronts

The Center for Cancer Immunology at Massachusetts General Hospital is focused on four major approaches to immunotherapy—checkpoint inhibitors, CAR T-cell therapy, vaccine therapy and early cancer immunotherapy.   LEARN MORE

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