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Can You Accidentally Overdose On Imodium?

Massachusetts General Hospital gastroenterologist Dr. Kyle Staller discusses the possibility of overdosing on Imodium, a popular OTC anti-diarrheal pill. LEARN MORE

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Say Aaah and Swallow: This Smart Pill Could Track Your Heartbeat

“The best way to monitor vital signs like breathing and heart rate may be with a microphone that listens and transmits data from inside the body, say researchers at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Massachusetts General Hospital.” READ MORE

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New Polymer Gel Could Improve the Safety of Slow-Release Medications

A research team from Mass General and MIT’s Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research are working on a new type of polymer gel that could allow swallowed medical devices or capsules to safely act inside the body over the course of days, weeks or even months. Improving the safety of slow-release medications could open the door for devices that […]

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