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Mass General Research Institute goes red for heart month

A Link Between Flu and Heart Attacks? Mass General Cardiologist Weighs In

New research has found yet another reason to avoid catching the flu this season- it could increase your risk of a heart attack if you’re over the age of 35.

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Weekend Links: Our Favorite Science Stories from Around the Web

We love good science stories here at the Mass General Research Institute and wanted to share a few of our favorites from other health and science websites. Enjoy! The best and worst analogies for CRISPR, ranked From a knockout punch to an act of God, CRISPR technology has drawn comparisons to a vast array of […]

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A Flu Scare, 10 Years Later

When Proto Magazine: Dispatches From the Frontiers of Medicine launched its inaugural issue in 2005, researchers were anxiously watching a new flu virus called H5N1, which many were concerned might lead to a global pandemic. Although no global crisis came from the virus, that fear is very much alive. In this video, Dr. Martin Hirsch, a senior physician in […]

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