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How Insights From Epilepsy Patients Could Lead to New Treatments for PTSD

Take a quick look at the word below. What color is the text? If it took you a moment to separate the meaning of the word (green) from the color of the text itself (red), don’t feel bad. The conflict is intentional, designed to test your brain’s cognitive flexibility when faced with two competing pieces […]

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Mass General Researchers Unwrap Their Scientific Challenges Over Lunch

(Editor’s Note: The Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute has two communications interns from Emerson College this summer. This post is from our intern Alyssa.) I’ve been alternating my time at the Mass General Research Institute between creating social media friendly content, generating story outlines, and delving into unfamiliar clinical research. But one of my favorite experiences was […]

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Researchers at Mass General Hope Deep Brain Stimulation Device can Help Veterans with PTSD

Mass General researchers are working on a deep brain stimulation device that may be able to help veterans returning from the battlefield with depression and post traumatic stress disorder (‪#‎PTSD‬) by stimulating key areas of the brain that may no longer be functioning correctly.   Neurosurgeon Dr. Emad Eskandar is working with a team of […]

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