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Bringing a 70-Year-Old Surgical Technique Into the 21st Century

Imagine your surprise if you needed heart surgery and were told your cardiac surgeon would be using the same technique their predecessors used in the 1940s. Thankfully, techniques for heart surgery have come a long way in 70 years. The same cannot be said for Mohs surgery — a procedure for removing skin cancer on […]

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Mass General Research Awards and Honors: August 2018

Massachusetts General Hospital’s talented and dedicated researchers are working to push the boundaries of science and medicine every day. Continue reading to hear from a few individuals who have recently received awards or honors for their achievements: Arunava Bandyopadhaya, PhD, of the Center for Surgery, Bioengineering and Innovation and the Department of Surgery, has been […]

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Event Highlights Progress on Brain Disease Research

Determined collaboration and groundbreaking technology have led to exciting advances in efforts to solve the challenges of brain diseases, researchers from the MassGeneral Institute for Neurodegenerative Diseases(MIND) told patients, families and friends recently. On May 16, 2018, nearly 100 people attended the event at the MIND labs at the Charlestown Navy Yard. MIND’s Visiting Day gathering […]

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Weekend Links: Four Lessons for Starting a Research Lab, Psychology and Poker, Plus More

Welcome to weekend links, a collection of interesting science stories from around the web, curated by your friends at the Mass General Research Institute. Maria Konnikova Shows Her Cards (Claudia Dreifus writing on the New York Times website) Dr. Konnikova is an experimental psychologist trained at Columbia University. But her latest experiment is on herself. […]

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Marques Brings the Ivory Tower to the Streets with Mass General Psychiatry Program

If you break your arm, you go to a doctor to seek treatment. But if you’re experiencing symptoms of mental illness, the next step isn’t always as clear, especially for minority populations. With language barriers, insurance concerns and cultural stigma against discussing mental illness, it’s not surprising that among Latinos with a mental disorder, fewer […]

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Snapshot of Science: Genetic Insights into Our Food Choices, New Diagnostic Device for Lymphoma and More

What’s new in research at Mass General? Here’s a snapshot of studies recently published in top-tier scientific journals: Effect of folic acid on child brain development Have you ever noticed that everything from cereal to pasta to pancake mix has folic acid listed as an ingredient?  This is due to a government-mandated folic acid fortification […]

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Weekend Links: 8 Movies That Really Got Science Wrong, and Much More

Welcome to Weekend Links, a look at some of our favorite science stories from across the web! The Scientist Who Scrambled Darwin’s Tree of Life – Learn how microbiologist Carl Woese fundamentally changed the way we think about evolution and the origins of life in 1977 with his report of the existence of a separate form […]

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Brain Stimulation During Sleep Could Help Schizophrenia Patients with Debilitating Memory Deficits

Have you ever heard the expression that bad things happen in threes? While this concept is generally regarded as a superstition, there is a ring of truth to it for individuals with schizophrenia, who frequently suffer from three distinct sets of problems. The first type, known as positive symptoms, occur when individuals start to display […]

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How Insights From Epilepsy Patients Could Lead to New Treatments for PTSD

Take a quick look at the word below. What color is the text? If it took you a moment to separate the meaning of the word (green) from the color of the text itself (red), don’t feel bad. The conflict is intentional, designed to test your brain’s cognitive flexibility when faced with two competing pieces […]

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Weekend Links: How Pets Help Our Brains, A Stomach Virus’ Secret Weapon, and More

Welcome to Weekend Links, a look some of our favorite science stories from across the web! Love at First Swipe: Thanks to dating apps, we’re now making split-second love-life decisions based on a few photos and a brief bio. But what is going on in our brain when we’re swiping left or right? Babies Learn […]

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