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Weekend Links: Developments in Mind Control, How Hugs Help with Conflict and More

This is the Very Fattest Bear in Katmai National Park Brian Resnick writing for Vox Katmai National Park & Preserve in Alaska wanted the public to weigh in on a very important question: Which of the park’s fat brown bears has gotten the fattest after a summer of nearly nonstop gorging on salmon? Was it […]

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Recent Research Collaborations with Industry

Industry-academia collaborations are key for the development of new medical technologies and drugs that can provide better care for our patients. The Mass General Research Institute recognizes the importance of these relationships in moving healthcare forward  and has increased its efforts to work collaboratively with industry. This has led to an 18% increase in industry-sponsored research […]

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Could a Light-Based Treatment be the Key to Treating Alzheimer’s Disease and other Brain Disorders?

Can a light-based treatment called photobiomodulation help to treat degenerative brain diseases?

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Weekend Links: An Inside Look at the Museum of Disgusting Food, Replacing Human Organs with Chip Technology and More

Welcome to Weekend Links, a look at some of our favorite science stories from across the web!

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ResQFoam Study Seeks Feedback on Clinical Trial for Trauma Patients

The REVIVE clinical trial team is seeking feedback from the public on their study testing the use of RESQFOAM in severely injured trauma patients.

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A FRESH Look at HIV Prevention and Women’s Empowerment

Researchers at the Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital, MIT and Harvard recently published an editorial in Science Immunology detailing their efforts to combine basic science and social good to reduce the high rate of HIV infection in young South African women while simultaneously empowering them. Here is a brief summary.

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Could Folic Acid Help Reduce the Rates of Autism and Schizophrenia?

Folate levels have, once again, become an area of interest for a Massachusetts General Hospital -based research team after finding that increased in utero folic acid exposure is associated with changes in brain development later in life that could reduce the risk of psychosis and schizophrenia.

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Weekend Links: Using “Bravery” Cells to Treat Anxiety, Saying Goodbye to Mosquitoes and More

Weekend Links is a collection of interesting science stories from across the web, curated by your friends at the Mass General Research Institute. Mouth-Watering Flavor is Harder to Engineer Than We Hoped Ana Gorelova writing for The Conversation While companies producing plant-based meat substitutes are growing quickly, the future of cultured meat is still hazy. […]

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New Treatment for Bone Disorder Has Roots in Research From MassGeneral Hospital for Children

Advances in medical care often take a long and winding path from a new laboratory discovery to the patient bedside. So it is particularly gratifying as a physician-scientist when you have the opportunity to offer your patients a new treatment that came about in part from research in your own laboratory. For MassGeneral for Children’s […]

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A Closer Look at the Bacteria Behind the Recent Food Poisoning Outbreak

Clostridium perfringens is a common foodborne illness ‎that causes nearly 1 million infections each year. The bacterium has many environmental sources, but is typically found on raw meat and poultry.

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