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Mass General Research Roundup for April 2019

Chronic health problems for individuals in recovery from substance use disorder, 3D mammography in older women and how oxytocin acts on food receptors in the brain.

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Woman with insomnia

Mass General Investigators Dig Deeper into the Science of Sleep

Three recent studies from researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital that look at the connections between sleep and health.

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Mass General Research Roundup for July 2016

Study Shows that Mental Overload Dampens Creativity Does having too much on your mind leave you feeling disconnected and uninspired? You are not alone. A recent study by Mass General researchers suggests that when our minds are in a cluttered state, we have a greater tendency to overlook both the world around us and the […]

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52391955 - illustration of the thought processes in the brain

Mass General’s Research Roundup for May 2016

Mapping the wandering mind Do you ever find your mind wandering? You are not alone. Studies show that we spend 30 to 50 percent of our waking hours unfocused on the task at hand. But why? Researchers at Mass General’s Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging used functional MRI (fMRI) technology to identify changes in brain activity that take […]

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