Month: July 2016


Check Out Our Latest Research Roundup

Do you want to keep up with the latest Mass General research news but find yourself short on time? There’s a solution for that! Our monthly Research Roundup column highlights recent developments from our talented clinician-investigators and PhD scientists, and you can read it in just a few minutes. Find out more about heart implants, busy brain, a new ...


Making Popcorn at the Mass General Picnic

Editor’s Note: This summer we have two communications interns working with us to write stories about research at the hospital and their experiences being part of the hospital community. This is a post by our intern Alyssa. On one of the first days of my internship, I was given a sheet of paper outlining important dates ...


Why A Cluttered Mind is Bad for Creativity

Massachusetts General Hospital researcher Dr. Moshe Bar explains why a clear mind is vital for innovative thinking in a recent New York Times opinion piece. “We found that a high mental load consistently diminished the originality and creativity of the response: Participants with seven digits to recall resorted to the most statistically common responses (e.g., white/black), whereas participants with ...


Longest Day Event Offers Insights into Alzheimer’s Disease

(Editor’s note: This summer, the Mass General Research Institute has two communications interns working with us as we work to highlight all of the research that takes place across Massachusetts General Hospital. Here is a post from our intern, Milo Goodman.) Last month, Alyssa and I took a trip over to the MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging for ...


Strong Noses, Small Lips + High Foreheads? Kooky Beauty Is In

Massachusetts General Hospital psychiatry researcher Dr. Laura Germine talks to InTouch about changing ideals of beauty in the age of social media: “We are suddenly being exposed to a tremendous variety of faces.” LEARN MORE


Mass General Researchers Unwrap Their Scientific Challenges Over Lunch

(Editor’s Note: The Massachusetts General Hospital Research Institute has two communications interns from Emerson College this summer. This post is from our intern Alyssa.) I’ve been alternating my time at the Mass General Research Institute between creating social media friendly content, generating story outlines, and delving into unfamiliar clinical research. But one of my favorite experiences was ...


Mass General Researcher Uses the Web to Map the mind

We’ve all seen those quizzes on the web and in our social media feeds: Which 90s TV star are you? What character would you be in the Harry Potter universe? Normally, we see them as a fun and inconsequential distraction, a way to pass the time while we’re waiting in line at the store or unwinding at ...


Why Our Next President Should Meditate

Researchers at Mass General found that people who practiced meditation, as well as other deep relaxation techniques, decreased their doctor visits by 42 percent when compared to the year before learning to practice meditation.  In addition, lab use dropped by 44 percent. Researchers believe the relaxation lead to healthy changes in the body, including less inflammation. READ MORE