Month: April 2016


Smart Clothing – The Wave of the Future?

  Is the next big trend in fashion likely to come from the research lab instead of the runway? Find out how scientists at Massachusetts General Hospital are using nanoparticles to create holographic sensors that change color in response to chemical parameters such as pheromones, glucose and salts, and how these technologies could be used ...


Should the Media Report on Health Research?

Great thought piece on the challenges of reporting biomedical research stories to the public, featuring Harry W. Orf, PhD, the senior vice president for research at Massachusetts General Hospital. “[Dr. Orf] says it’s important for health stories to note that most discoveries don’t go immediately, or even quickly, from an academic journal to a hospital, pharmacy, or ...


Immunotherapy Effort Advances on Multiple Fronts

The Center for Cancer Immunology at Massachusetts General Hospital is focused on four major approaches to immunotherapy—checkpoint inhibitors, CAR T-cell therapy, vaccine therapy and early cancer immunotherapy.   LEARN MORE


Research Roundup

This month’s research roundup features a study that seeks to determine why our minds wander, a clinical trial that demonstrated that the brains of marijuana users react differently to social exclusion than non-users, and a study of oxytocin spray as a method for weight loss. Read the full Research Roundup here


Science Fairs are as Flawed as My Solar-Powered Hot Dog Cooker

Thought-provoking article from science writer Carl Zimmer on the importance of introducing kids to science at a young age, and how difficult it can be for some children gain access to the scientific community unless they are fortunate to have connections. Visit to learn more about science education programs for students at Massachusetts General Hospital.


The Ether Dome, the Operating Room That Changed Medical History

Check out this great video showcasing the Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital, home to the first public demonstration of surgery using ether as an anesthetic in 1846. The Ether Dome has played a central role in our hospital’s storied past, and still serves as a center for sharing innovative new medical ideas today.  


Scientists Grow Functional Heart Muscle

A team of researchers led by Dr. Harald Ott of the Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Regenerative Medicine have grown functional heart tissue using donated hearts stripped of their cells. This breakthrough could allow tissue patches grown from a patient’s own cells to replace cardiac tissue damaged during a heart attack.   LEARN MORE


The Accidental Innovator

Most breakthroughs in health and medicine are the products of academic research labs or biomedical corporations. But plenty of useful, inventive and therapeutic ideas come from outside those walls, from patients and their clinicians, often when they’re wrestling with a pressing lifestyle problem that has no other solution. See how researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital  and other institutions are exploring ...