Month: November 2015


For All Mass General Researchers…

Do you have an idea that you believe has commercial potential? Join B-BIC on Pitch Day. December 9, Wednesday, 2-4 pm, Massachusetts General Hospital, Simches Building, Room 3120, 185 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA. Schedule a 20-minute session with our team of experts, including Project Managers and Coaches, who will provide industry viewpoints. You will also learn if B-BIC funding is ...


Wakefield Researcher ‘Seals’ the deal in Antarctica

Massachusetts General Hospital researcher Emmanual Buys, PhD, is part of a collaborative research team that has been working in Antarctica to study the Weddell seal, a mammal that can remain under water for longer than 70 minutes at a depth of 500 meters. Buys and his team are taking tissue samples from seals to learn ...


Video from the Center for Engineering in Medicine at Mass. General

Check out this video detailing how researchers at the Center for Engineering in Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital are working to improve the methods used to preserve and support livers outside the body in order to increase the number of viable livers that are available for transplant. (Source:


Say Aaah and Swallow: This Smart Pill Could Track Your Heartbeat

“The best way to monitor vital signs like breathing and heart rate may be with a microphone that listens and transmits data from inside the body, say researchers at the MIT Lincoln Laboratory and Massachusetts General Hospital.” READ MORE


Guess what? You’re Only 10% Human

From the University of California research blog: Is space really the final frontier or are the greatest mysteries closer to home? Researchers estimate that there are more undiscovered microbes on Earth than stars in the sky. The microbiome is fast becoming an exciting new frontier in human health. That’s because our bodies are made up of ...


Artificial Patients, Real Learning

“At Mass General, simulation has become a regular part of the practice of medicine, to train students and to keep the skills of its 10,000 clinical employees up-to-date, said Dr. James Gordon, the director of the hospital’s MGH Learning Laboratory.“ LEARN MORE


Tumor RNA Within Platelets May Help Diagnose and Classify Cancer, Identify Treatment Strategies

“By combining next-generation-sequencing gene expression profiles of platelet RNA with computational algorithms we developed, we were able to detect the presence of cancer with 96 percent accuracy,” says Bakhos Tannous, PhD, of the MGH Department of Neurology, co-senior author of the Cancer Cell paper along with investigators from VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. READ MORE


Finding a very good age in the Ether Dome

Great article on the historic Ether Dome at Massachusetts General Hospital, and our 2,700-year-old resident mummy Padihershef.


Mass. General Team Generates Therapeutic Nitric Oxide From Air with an Electric Spark

“Once we’ve shown that this can safely be used in human patients with pulmonary hypertension – and we’ve got a clinical trial in progress right now – we’ll be able to conduct studies of inhaled NO delivered in ambulatory settings, including patients’ homes, to treat chronic pulmonary hypertension, right-sided heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.” – Warren Zapol, MD Director, ...


Studies Reveal How General Anesthesia’s Brain effects Differ in Older Adults and in Children

“We know even less about how anesthetic drugs influence brain activity in children, and the current standard of care for assessing the brain state of children under anesthesia calls only for monitoring vital signs like heart rate and blood pressure. This lack of knowledge is especially troubling, given recent studies suggesting an association between early childhood surgery requiring general ...